Mrs. Welch’s Classroom (K)

Kindergarten at St. Johns is all day, 5 days per week.

Religion – Our students hear the word of God, study Bible stories, and learn memory verses.  K-2 students are taught in a combined class.  One In Christ from Concordia Publishing House is the curriculum that is used.

Language Arts – Children experience a print-rich environment that practices phonics skills, high frequency words, letter formation, reading and comprehension skills, and speaking and listening skills.

Math – Children explore numbers and number sense. They practice interpreting graphs, compare/contrast, counting skills, patterning, sorting, measuring, money, time, and beginning addition and subtraction.  Saxon Math curriculum is used in addition to many hands-on activities.

Science – Students explore God’s world with topics related to all branches of science such as life science, physical science, earth science, health, the human body, and the five senses.

Social Studies – Children study areas that relate to their country, family, and community.

Technology – Children will develop mouse and keyboard skills through computer class as well as computer time in the classroom. Students will use the computers to assist in the development of letter and numbers.

Physical Education – Students will participate in a wide variety of activities that involve the different motor skills. Our program consists of stretching, exercises, running, walking, and games/activities. The students also participate in Presidential Physical Fitness Testing in the spring.

Music – Students participate in a variety of musical experiences including performances during chapel services, a Christmas program and spring musical, movement and singing. They also have the opportunity to practice different rhythms through the use of musical instruments.