Miss Lexi Jones – Preschool

Age 4 – Preschool from 8-11 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
Age 3 – Preschool from 8-11 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

St. Johns Lutheran Preschool is owned and operated by St. Johns Lutheran Church of Wykoff, Minnesota, under the supervision of the congregation’s Board of Education.

St. Johns provides students with a strong foundation in academic skills, social abilities, and moral values that they will take with them the rest of their lives.  In today’s world a quality education is very important in helping our children succeed in the future. St. Johns is blessed with a talented and dedicated staff that is able to work with each child at the level they are at.  Along with loving and caring teachers, St. Johns has tremendous parent involvement which helps provide a wonderful learning experience for each child.  Not only is it important that we provide our children with a strong academic education, it is even more important that we are able to help our children grow in their faith.  Through the work of the Holy Spirit we are able to provide for them a foundation in Christ that they will take with them the rest of their lives.


Our preschool is open to the general public for children age 3 years through pre-kindergarten and who are toilet-trained. Registration forms for preschool enrollment are available on the school website and upon request. Registration opens in March and continues through August for the following school year.  All forms must be completed and submitted to the school office with the first month’s tuition payment in order to guarantee enrollment in the preschool. Enrollment of children in the preschool, after the registration period, is granted if openings are available.

Goals and Objectives

  • Physical Development – to provide an environment that fosters growth in gross and fine motor development at developmentally age appropriate levels for each child.
  • Intellectual Development – To provide an environment that fosters growth in language, math, science, and sensory skills; and to develop age appropriate levels for each individual child.
  • Social — Emotional Development – To provide an opportunity for each child to develop a positive self image, and positive growth in relationship with peers, adults, and the environment.


Social Skills/Responsibilities
The students will be responsible for picking up after themselves and using proper hygiene while they are in school (example: washing hands before eating and after using the bathroom). They will be expected to do this when they enter Kindergarten without prompt. The children will also be learning to share the responsibilities of various social skills such as: manners, working, and playing with others, listening and following directions, and walking with the group. I will also concentrate on having the children be responsible for their personal property and learning various self-help skills such as: outdoor dressing and undressing, passing out supplies, and being the helper. We will discuss these things as a group and make every effort to help the children adopt these skills as much as possible into their daily lives. Should any problems arise I will contact you personally.

One of the benefits of having a small class size is the ability to work with each Preschooler on an individual basis. Preschool Academics paired with social skills and responsibilities paves the way for your child to have a positive school experience during the remainder of their educational journey. It is this goal that is set during the Preschool years that will help your child to engage in the world around them both at home and at school. Communication about your child’s academic progress will be open and honest with the child in mind. This is done through face-to-face interactions, conferences, progress reports, and emails. Please provide the most convenient method of contact so ask to keep communication simple and effective.

Each family is to provide a snack fee of $30 to cover the costs of snacks for the year. I make it a point to serve healthy snacks such as fresh fruit and vegetables. However, we will make room for “fun” snacks as well.
Birthday snacks are more than welcome in the classroom. Once compiled, I will send home a list of food preferences/allergies to each family to keep in mind when bringing birthday snacks. Snacks can be store bought or homemade.
Food preferences/allergies are a common occurrence in everyday life. If I have not been made aware of your child’s needs please see me immediately and bring a customized list of what your child should avoid consuming.
Milk tickets are run through Fast Direct. If your child intends on drinking milk for snack please see Mrs. Schultz in the office. Otherwise, your child will be served water or beverages you provided from home (ex. almond milk, fruit juice, soy milk). Sodas and other sugary drinks are not allowed in the classroom unless specified by a special event or holiday theme.

Share Day
Share Time will be the third Thursday of every month. Your child may bring an item to share with the class. This item will be available for “sharing” during our Free Play time. Please avoid bringing “outside” toys from home (ex. Bikes, trikes, balls, diggers).

Preschool students will be going to the library weekly every Thursday. Books are due the following Tuesday. RETURN POLICY: If your child reaches 3 unreturned books, they will not be allowed to check out a book until all three checked out books are brought back. Movies/DVDs are not allowed to be checked out until after Christmas Break. Please talk with your child regarding which kind of movie player you have at home.

I will provide each child with a Take Home Folder. This folder is to be taken home on Thursdays and returned the following Tuesday. The folder will contain various notes for parents and activities for your child to complete or activities or art projects that are already completed. Newsletters and monthly calendars will also go home each month.

Book Logs
This is one of our biggest goals of the year! Each year we keep track of how many books we read at home ASIDE from our library books. Our goal this FALL semester is 2000 books! The book logs will run monthly and will need to be returned the last Thursday of each month.

Read and Recall
This is an optional opportunity for you and your child to engage more during reading time. I will send a Read and Recall page home each week along with your child’s library book (for library book use only). Use this page to delve more into the stories your child brings home. Please return with your library book.

There will be times we will be outside on walks, explorations, or using the playground equipment, so please consider your child’s attire before sending them to school. The children LOVE to play and it is so much more enjoyable when they are dressed appropriately. I encourage you and your child to plan for any sort of weather as well as wear closed shoes for safety and comfort. (Rough mornings happen, in the event your child is refusing to put on certain types of clothing appropriate for the day, please bring those clothes along and we’ll try to persuade them at school. ☺)




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