Parent Teacher League (PTL)

Greetings and welcome to a new school year at St. Johns Lutheran School!

The Parent Teacher League (PTL) is a very important part of your children’s education at St. Johns Lutheran School.  As a parent, you are an automatic member of the PTL.  It is my hope that you can find the time in your busy schedule to lend a hand with fundraising activities, field trips, special meals, school plays and much more.  Please come to the PTL meetings and get involved!!!


2017-2018 Parent Teacher League Officers

President: Matt Snyder
Vice President:  Noella Lund
Secretary: Lindsy Heusinkveld
Treasurer: Tammy Martin


PTL Meeting Dates, 7:00 PM:
September 12 | November 13 | January 8 | April 9


Special Meals

Five times throughout the year, PTL parents create a special meal for students, their families, and the church congregation. We ask that each person attending the meal pay $2. Any funds above and beyond that are appreciated, but not necessary.

Each meal has a “lead family” that coordinates with the committee for that particular meal. The “lead family” is one that has gone through a year or two of being on a meal committee. Special meals should be planned for about 130 people. Decorations and menus are decided by each group of families assigned to that meal. We ask that you try to stay within the parameters of the dollars coming in from the guests so we break even.

Upcoming meals, lead families and committees are displayed in the PTL calendar to the right.  If there are students with allergies, please bring it to our attention.

PTL Special Meal Dates:
o Fri. Oct. 13 Noon
o Friday, December 8th after Christmas program
o Wed. Jan. 24 Noon – NLSW Open House
o Fri. March 23 Noon
o Fri. May 25 Noon – Last day of school

PTL has adopted the following objectives for its existence:

  • To bring parents and teachers into closer cooperation.
  • To acquaint parents and friends with the work of the school and with Christian education in general.
  • To stimulate a personal interest in the school.
  • To promote the general welfare of the school by carrying on constructive activities which benefit the school.